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Your local gourmet and functional mushroom farm. 



At Saiko Mushrooms we cultivate premium gourmet and functional mushrooms. All our mushrooms are cultivated without the use of any pesticides, fertilizers or preservatives for the greatest quality produce. Try some of our mushrooms today!

About Us

Conveniently Located in Richmond Hill Ontario, Saiko Mushrooms specializes in growing gourmet and functional mushrooms that are as pure as they are flavourful. Our journey is rooted in a deep respect for nature, leading us to adopt organic, eco-friendly practices. We avoid pesticides, fertilizers and preservatives, ensuring that each mushroom we grow is a testament to natural goodness and quality. At Saiko Mushrooms, we don’t just farm; we create a connection between the earth and your table, bringing you mushrooms that are not only delicious but also packed with health benefits. Join us in this mycological adventure and taste the difference that care, quality, and commitment can make. Read more. 


174 West Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B1B4


+1 (416) 399-2295



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